Theme: Emphasizing Improvement of Business Environment


  •  Entrepreneurial Finance
  1. Financial support, high growth and new businesses
  2. Venture capital funds  and business angels for new venture creation
  3. Islamic finance and entrepreneurship development
  4. Corporate finance and entrepreneurship development
  5. Banking system efficiency, new business creation and enterprise sustainability

  •  Regulations and Property Rights
  1.  Propertyrights and entrepreneurship development
  2. Intellectual property rights and new venture creation
  3. Intellectual property rights and corporate  entrepreneurship
  4. Efficiency and intellectual property rights (IPR)
  5. National single window and international trade facilitation
  6. Coordination of stakeholders and single window implication
  7. Public-private collaboration and business environment improvement
  8. Smart regulation for entrepreneurship development

  •  Government Policies, plans and Programs
  1. Government policy and development of venture financing markets
  2. Government policies and new venture creation
  3. Government programs for entrepreneurship development
  4. Tax system and business development
  5. Customs system and export/import facilitations
  6. Economic policies and  new business creation
  7. Institution and regulations for entrepreneurship development
  8. Law and regulation and improving business environment and entrepreneurial activities
  9. Reduction of entry regulations and business environment improvement
  10. Smart policy for entrepreneurship development
  11. Entrepreneurship development, SMEs growth and Poverty alleviation

  •  Entrepreneurial State
  1. Entrepreneurial roles in government
  2. Entrepreneurial behavior in government
  3. Policies and tools to create an entrepreneurial government
  4. Entrepreneurial government and development
  5. Developing e-governance and entrepreneurship
  6. Institutional entrepreneurship
  7. Entrepreneurial government (future-oriented)
  8. Entrepreneurial government (people-oriented)

  •  Physical, Commercial and Service Infrastructures
  1. Commercial and service infrastructure and entrepreneurship development
  2. Ease of access to physical resources, communication, utilities and transportation
  3. The role of insurance supportive system in SMEs development and sustainability
  4. The role of Cooperative and business unions in SMEs sustainability
  5. Business accelerators and entrepreneurship development

  • Belief Systems, Norms and institutions 
  1. National culture and new venture creation
  2. Socio-economic factors affecting entrepreneurship development
  3. Socio-cultural norms as facilitators/barriers to entrepreneurship.
  4. Gender, entrepreneurship development,  and cultural norms
  5. Social protection and supports
  6. Devotion culture, knowledge-based businesses development
  7. Media attention to entrepreneurship and business environment
  8. Individual social status and entrepreneurship development
  9. National values, ethics and business environment
  10. Social capital, social networks and business environment
  11. Social norms and social entrepreneurship development

  •  Market Openness and Dynamics
  1. Market openness and new ventures/high growth business creation
  2. Globalization and international entrepreneurship
  3. Market dynamic and business environment
  4. Developing international entrepreneurship in free zone
  5. Investment promotion and SMEs development in free zone

  • Entrepreneurship Education and Training
  1. The role of entrepreneurship education in creating entrepreneurial attitudes
  2. The role of entrepreneurship education in promoting new venture creation
  3. University support for entrepreneurship and new venture creation
  4. Entrepreneurship education in primary, secondary, and post-secondary schools
  5. Entrepreneurship education in higher education system

  •  R&D Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship for educators
  2. Entrepreneurial university and academic entrepreneurship
  3. Incremental and radical innovation and new venture creation
  4. R&D Transfer and new/high growth business development
  5. R&D Transfer and green entrepreneurship development
  6. R&D spillover, nano/biopreneurship and cyberpreneurship
  7. Corporate innovativeness and entrepreneurial spin-offs
  8. The role of government and corporate R&D in new venture creation
  9. Knowledge spillover and entrepreneurial development
  10. National innovation systems (NIS) and entrepreneurship development
  11. University spin-offs and new business creation


  •  Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  1. Innovation and regional economic development
  2. Regional economic resilience through Innovation and entrepreneurship
  3. Innovative clusters and entrepreneurship
  4. Products clusters and entrepreneurship
  5. Enabling entrepreneurs in regional clusters
  6. Physical infrastructure and regional economic development
  7. Ecosystem of entrepreneurship and sustainable development

  • International Environment and Entrepreneurship 
  1. International knowledge transfer and diffusion
  2. Foreign investment development
  3. International competitiveness and business improvement
  4. International cooperation development
  5. International entrepreneurship and cultural issues
  6. Logics, heuristics and strategies in international entrepreneurship
  7. Entrepreneurship development in free zone

  •  New Business Venture and Business Growth 
  1. Anatomy of business creation
  2. New business creation experiences and best practice
  3. Barriers of new business creation
  4. Business startup process
  5. Nascent venturing process
  6. Entrepreneurial dynamics
  7. Business growth through innovation
  8. Business growth through information technologies
  9. Corporate entrepreneurship development

  •  Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship
  1. Knowledge intensive entrepreneurship
  2. The role of business incubation and science and technology parks in knowledge-based entrepreneurship
  3. Knowledge and its role in innovative activities
  4. Knowledge intensive products and services and entrepreneurial activities
  5. Different types of knowledge and processes of entrepreneurship, business development and commercialization

  •  Entrepreneurial Opportunities Exploitation
  1. Doing business environment  and entrepreneurial opportunities exploitation
  2. Structuration  and entrepreneurial opportunity development
  3. Nexus of entrepreneurs and business environment
  4. Entrepreneurs and exploitation of international opportunities
  5. Exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities in free zone
  6. Creating and exploring national and international opportunities
  7. Assessing entrepreneurial ideas