Today entrepreneurship development is a universally accepted concept in both the developed and developing countries which forms an integral part of their national strategies with the aim of achieving economic progress, fostering the level of social welfare, promoting cultural norms, helping opportunity recognition and encouraging innovation and creativity. The aspirations underlying the perception of entrepreneurship will prepare the grounds for creation of competitive advantages and better use of comparative advantages which will open up new vistas towards achievement of high and stable economic growth and curb of unemployment problems. Based on this premise, one of the main objectives pursued by the government officials in their policy-making is to promote entrepreneurial activities oriented towards generation and transfer of knowledge economy from the scientific realm and research centers and organizations into business enterprises. More specifically, entrepreneurship development will demand a proper business environment. For this main reason, the Supreme Leader of Revolution has accordingly underlined the need for improving the business environment as a key economic issue to be tackled by the government. Considering the strategic role of entrepreneurship development across the country, in view of the need felt in various economic sectors and the necessity of fostering a suitable business environment, in particular, in the constricted circumstances of international sanctions, the Faculty of Entrepreneurship of the University of Tehran has planned to organize the Third International Conference on Entrepreneurship by emphasizing the business improvement on  September 4-5, 2018,  in collaboration with prestigious domestic and international universities with the overriding aim of addressing the key entrepreneurial issues, exchanging views and information on the latest theoretical and practical findings and hands-on experiences as well as exploring the ways and means of their applicability in the area of entrepreneurship development.


May good deeds and right decisions be rewarded, 

and bring in the divine satisfaction.


Mohammad Reza Zali, Ph.D.

Dean, Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran